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Webatoo & Ninety Mile Consulting: Crafting a Successful Partnership Through Innovative Website Design and Development


Ninety Mile Consulting


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Consulting | Aged Care


Among our favourite design services that is offered by Webatoo is a website redesign for small businesses who had initially whipped up a lil-something to get their business started. We cherish the chance to work with individuals and teams who are determined to create change and invite new ideas, and who have outgrown their current website – with new cases, projects and team members​.

One such project was the redesign of the Ninety Mile Consulting (NMC) website, to better align the firm’s brand, publications and insights with their mission, values and case work.


Project Background:

Ninety Mile Consulting is a strategic consulting firm that partners with organisations to solve their most difficult problems by designing and implementing innovative solutions​ for clients within the Health Care, Government and Aged Care industries. Their dynamic work requires a website that accurately represents their brand while catering to the needs of their diverse clientele.


Webatoo’s Approach:

Webatoo’s approach to web development is centred around utilising the content and certain design aspects from NMC’s original website, and reworking the structure into a broader and more informative website with sectioned content. For the NMC project, the Webatoo team began by understanding NMC’s unique goals and desires for their online presence, ensuring the design process was tailored to meet all their requirements​. Importantly, NMC desired:

  • Multiple pages that structured their content (as opposed to a single page design)
  • The ability to showcase their publications on their website
  • A careers page that streamlined the process of job applications within their website.
  • A modern looking website that was intuitive to navigate and user friendly on all types of devices.


Resulting Website:

Working closely with the team at NMC, Webatoo presented and edited multiple versions of the website sections and pages – figuring out what works and what doesn’t – until the website was finished. The result was a visually appealing, information-rich, and easy-to-navigate website that showcases NMC’s mission, their focus areas, projects, and articles. It highlights their industry expertise and their commitment to deliver impactful and value-adding programmes​​. This custom design, combined with Webatoo’s commitment to creating a website tailored to NMC’s needs, has contributed to positioning NMC to better serve their clients and stakeholders.


Long-Term Relationship Building:

Webatoo believes in the value of establishing long-term relationships with its clients. The Webatoo team worked very closely with NMC throughout the website redesign and development process. Weekly meetings took place to discuss the newly designed sections, and the required edits, additions and changes. This approach has fostered a lasting partnership with NMC, with Webatoo serving as a trusted partner for website design, development, and maintenance. Through its comprehensive suite of services and a team of experienced designers and developers, Webatoo ensured that NMC’s website not only functioned the way they wanted but was also secure, quick to load, and consistent with NMC’s branding.



The success of the NMC website attests to Webatoo’s ability to understand and meet the unique needs of their clients, delivering customised and professional web solutions that drive growth and success. Through their client-focused approach and commitment to creating quality, user-centric websites, Webatoo has built a long-term, successful relationship with NMC, further solidifying their reputation as a trusted Australian web design and development firm.

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