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Kingston & Districts Netball Association: Elevating a Legacy Through Digital Transformation.


Kingston & Districts Netball Association


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The commission awarded to Webatoo for the digital reinvention of Kingston & Districts Netball Association’s (KDNA) online presence marked the beginning of an exciting venture. Nestled within the community hub of Dales Park Pavilion, Oakleigh South, KDNA stands as a beacon of communal trust and sporting excellence. This project was an opportunity to infuse a traditional platform with contemporary digital solutions, aligning with the expectations of parents, athletes, and the community at large.


Project Background:

Since 1999, KDNA has been a linchpin of community sports, dedicated to fostering netball from local engagement to elite competition throughout Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs. With over 10 member clubs, KDNA is a well-recognised sporting association in Victoria. The association’s solid reputation and community standing necessitated a website that mirrored its stature without alienating its established audience.


Webatoo’s Approach:

With a philosophy that underlines the symbiosis of form and function, Webatoo’s objective was to reimagine KDNA’s digital interface. The project ethos revolved around enhancing navigability and refreshing the visual narrative, while preserving the website’s core identity.

Our collaborative process involved in-depth analysis of the existing platform, engaging with KDNA’s leadership to encapsulate their ethos and streamline the digital experience for diverse users including parents, young athletes, and administrative staff. Webatoo worked very closely with KDNA’s committee to discuss the direction that the new website should be taken. Importantly, KDNA needed:

  • A modern and fresh look for the website that still captured the brand colours and values.
  • A restructure of their current content to eliminate unnecessary pages and reorganise sections that work well together.
  • New functionality such as interactive digital forms and a live events calendar
  • Responsiveness across all devices


Resulting Website:

Webatoo and the committee at KDNA quickly formed an impressive tight knit team that absolutely smashed this redesign out of the park. KDNA’s new website is neat, elegant, well-structured and seamlessly combines all of its original content into a condensed and user-friendly format.

The new primary royal blue colour accentuates KDNA’s signature turquoise and yellow colours scheme. The all-digital format for website forms, resources and pages are a welcome addition to the user interface and cement KDNA as a modern netball association with a growing community. Their new events calendar is a useful tool for parents and players who can easily view season times, training sessions and other important dates in one place.

Overall, this timely redesign has enhanced the experience for all users of the website, both the internal KDNA committee team as well as external visitors.

Long-Term Relationship Building:

At our core, Webatoo believes in and strives to establish and maintain a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with all of its clients. Our team dedicated itself to the refinement of KDNA’s website and an intimate understanding and appreciation for the work and effort of the committee members at KDNA. Webatoo ensures that our clients are not left alone in the dark after we have finished a project with them. So, through helpful tutorial sessions and online resources, we have enabled their team to easily make changes to their website as the association evolves.



The successful launch of KDNA’s website attests to Webatoo’s ability to create websites that are simple, creative and professional. Webatoo has empowered the committee at KDNA with a fresh, modern and easy to use website that stands as a monument to all of the community’s achievements, values and mission. With the completion of KDNA’s website, Webatoo has further consolidated its reputation as one of Melbourne’s most trusted and professional website design firms for sporting clubs and associations. As we celebrate this milestone, we eagerly anticipate embarking on future projects.

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