Yes but, Who is Webatoo?

What’s With Our Business Name?


Our name Webatoo reflects our business for designing websites and our Australian heritage. Cockatoos are a native Australian bird known for their curiosity and cheeky-ness. We love to see quirky and bold businesses in Australia and are keen to deliver you amazing websites.

Webatoo is based in Melbourne, Australia. We develop an online presence for small businesses. This means that on top of a business website, we integrate social media and other forms of contact and online product projection.


Our Mission


Webatoo’s mission is to help bring small Australian-based businesses online with modern and appealing designs.

We want to help businesses succeed in an increasingly digital marketplace. Webatoo was started because we found that too many businesses had old-fashioned and outdated looking websites. We noticed that people weren’t using social media to it’s full advantage and missing out on important market opportunities.

Most strikingly, we noticed the lack of know-how surrounding websites. To the average small business owner in Australia (Melbourne, to be specific), websites are a “blackbox” which requires a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or IT. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Web design is time-consuming, but in all honesty, not complicated. There is a learning curve that takes time to master, but once you know it, you can definitely do it yourself.

So then why choose Webatoo?


Webatoo is simple, creative and professional web design.

Simple in that our services are only offered with a precise purpose for your business. Creative to compliment your company’s own uniqueness and highlight it’s selling points. And professional in the way we do business, collaborate with our clients and design websites that send a message (coz its not about the money, it’s about sending a message *insert Joker meme*. No but seriously, apart from our own website – cockatoos and this ramble you happen to be reading, we try to remain professional where possible – but we do appreciate clients with a sense of humour!)

Furthermore, we aspire to keep our design methodology intuitive. Therefore, if you ever want to tweak your website, you can do so, worry free. Most of the websites we have developed are done through WordPress, DIVI and other ‘block’ style development tools. Apart from rare corner cases, most small businesses don’t require hardcore coding, and so we only code where it is absolutely necessary. Our coding free practices makes it easy for small business owners to subsequently alter their website as they see fit, as their business and offerings evolve.